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  Bus 104 106 204 Kaiser Wilhelm Platz
  S-Bahn S1 Julius Leber Brücke
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the feinbäckerei

Once upon a time it was custom in the country to fuse a wine tasting room with a bakery. These „happy marriages“ between bakery and wine tasting are hard to find in the swabian region nowadays, which makes our location in Berlin-Schöneberg even more unique.
The name „die Feinbäckerei“ shows the origin of our historical building and continues this partisan tradition.
The memory of the bakery lives on. But the old oven, which has not been used since 1978 can still be viewed at our location. The flour has remained.
For three decades „die Feinbäckerei“ with its colorful history has served visitors from near and far as a unique dining location. We have own this restaurant since 2004.With our Swabian origins and recipes we feel obligated to continue this tradition.

Even if your order sometimes takes a little longer, let us asure you that we prepare with fresh ingredients and from scratch, such as our potato salad, homemade german noodles (Spätzle) and broth.